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tess the meguca and her gems by YinnyYangy
tess the meguca and her gems
gems are
truly truly

More details and stuff for this
tess become meguca

Soul gem in egg form, basic design, and as a hat pin. Yes that's right. Even as a meguca she will never abandon the hat. The hat stays.
She's probably a newspaper deliverer instead of a mail deliverer in this universe. Or maybe she still delivers mail. Fuck it I dunno.

All I know is that she's still giving me some real Ryuko Matoi vibes.
tess become meguca by YinnyYangy
tess become meguca
for meduka
except meguca
is suffering

So yeah here's a Puella Magi Tess. I may or may not be submitting her into :iconmagica-hostia:, but we'll see. Her soul gem is a crescent moon shape, Prussian blue color theme, and her weapon is a pair of magical bracers.

On the weapons: Tess fights with a set of arm scythes and short swords. She can make them appear and disappear with magic, and can use them interchangeably. For example, she can have 2 scythes or 2 swords are the same time. Or she can have one scythe/one sword. She fights with both arms, but type of weapon will vary on situation.

The scythe is for slashing, the sword for stabbing and jabbing. She can also use the sword to block and parry. I tried to make the scythe look sort of feather-like, but eh. Originally they were going to be these little dumb daggers (inspired by Fire Emblem Awakening's assassin design) that stuck out of her bracers, but you can't really slash effectively like that. So I changed it to one large arm scythe.

She slices and dices. And stabs. Oh yes, stabbing.

Her wish is something along the lines of "I wish people would stop looking and staring at me like that." because hur hur yeah.
EA: Marie Lumos on Tumblr by YinnyYangy
EA: Marie Lumos on Tumblr

I feel like I should have done this digitally so the colors would have come out better...but one foot in the grave already.
It only took me about a month and a half to attempt being active in this group! Please treat me well and I will treat you with the same...well...ness? c: I would really love to talk and roleplay with people!

Come see Marie at: willshootforvideogames.tumblr.…
EA: Marie Lumos by YinnyYangy
EA: Marie Lumos
Full size art: Marie Lumos full art

Name:  Marie Lumos

Gender:  Cisgender-Female

Age:  28

Pokemon: Ampharos

Type: Electric

Birthday: 9/14

Occupation: Mercenary/Unemployed

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 115 lb

Move set:
:iconelectrictypeplz: Thunderbolt : Marie fires a a bolt of electricity from either her hands or through her sniper rifle/any gun she is using by focusing the electricity into a compact, solid bullet. Has a 10% chance to paralyze her opponent.
:icondragontypeplz: Dragon Pulse: Marie gathers energy into her belly and fires it all out through her mouth. Can also be used through a gun by being manifested into a solid bullet.
:iconghosttypeplz: Confuse Ray: Marie emits a quick ray of flashing lights to disorient and confuse her opponent. Her opponent then may or may not hit themselves.
:iconnormaltypeplz: Double Team: Marie dashes quickly and can disorient her opponent's perception of light, making it seem like there are more of her. And she can create more light clones as she continues, increasing evasion +1 with each clone.

Nature: Quiet

Characteristic: Strongly defiant

Ability: Static

Personality:  To Marie, actions speak louder than words. In her case, it's "shoot first, shoot some more, then ask questions". She's very soft-spoken, but do not mistake that as her being docile. Her words can stun you as much as her lightning. Determined, experienced, and sharp-witted, she simply likes to go about her business, just achieving what she thinks is fun or best for her at the time. Extremely patient, keep in mind she holds grudges and isn't afraid to fight back. She bottles up her resentment and strong feelings and uses them as an explosive for herself.
+Experienced and wise
+/-Easy to please
-Somewhat selfish
-Gets distracted and bored easily
-Prone to holding a grudge
-Let's be honest here: Violent

History:  Marie never really had any clear goals in her life. She was born, went to school, and with graduation coming up, she still had no goals. So on a whim, she decided to join the military and see where that went. Over the course of her time in service, she honed her skills as a powerful yet elusive sniper, being able to take out targets from a distance yet be able to get away and re-position herself efficiently when confronted. Her skill continued to increase as she fostered her talent for executing others from a distance.

But she still had no goals to speak of. Deciding that things were dull and irritating again, she decided to roam the realm in order to find anything interesting. However, her sniping career still follows her. After all, it's something interesting to do in her free time. She is currently a gun-for-hire for the highest bidder. But unless she's being hired for a job, she's pretty content sitting around in her apartment room playing video games.

Sexual Orientation: Undecided. Most likely pansexual.

Status: Single

Relationships:  N/A

+Video games
+Shooting things/people
+Getting jobs
+Witty comebacks/insults
+Lemon bars/anything lemon-flavored
+Polishing her gems

-Feeders and trolls
-Not having money to buy more games
-Jammed guns
-Dry, trite, unoriginal comebacks/insults
-Lime-flavored things.

-CAN fight hand-to-hand. However, she is not extremely physically strong. She's more proficient at pushing/pulling, throws, grabs, and pressure points. More defense-oriented.
-Had a fiancé, but didn't work out. Oh well.
-When she takes a job, she seems to be oddly good at creeping her clients out. More often than not, she'll kill someone without question.
-Excels at First-Person-Shooter games and fighting games, is okay at Multiplayer-Online-Battle-Arena and Real-Time-Strategies, is absolute crap at dating sims. Can sometimes almost beat computer chess.
-Is honestly okayish in terms of finances. She gets occasional jobs and is very good at managing her money and budget.
-She's tried mega evolution and she thinks it's hilarious.
-Her hair is still a little bit fluffy.
-Her guns are more like an extension of herself. She can still use her powers without them, but they act as an extension and amplifier so she can shoot at longer distances.

;A; Hello people! I know a lot of people don't really know I'm here, but I just wanted to leave a note because I've basically been dead for a month.

I've been feeling really unmotivated about everything, and now I've got two major projects to be thinking of, including finals. Biology is going to be a bitch.

So I'm probably not going to be back consistently for another month, when school gets out.

Seriously. I cannot remember the last time I've wanted school to be over so badly.

Hugs and kisses :C


YinnyYangy's Profile Picture
I do believe I'm on fire
So. I've finally started posting things.
So let's actually put some random information here just for fun.
Name: Yin, though Poches/Pockette/Pocket work. xD These have been my alias so...yeah.
Age: Old 'nuff
Gender: Whatever
Interests: Things.

...yeah this is not working.
But drop a line if you wanna talk and what not!

Not much to me. Just some person on the internet who draws. Mostly/only traditional art ;u;

"The dumber people think you are, the more surprised they'll be when you kill them."-William Clayton

Icon by Sarilain

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